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Real estate

Real estate type:  Siedlisko
Area:  44 ha
      w tym:
        2 ha - stawów rybnych
        3 ha - terenów zalesionych
Approach:  30 km do Olsztyna
Other:  Linia brzegowa 350m
Price:  2.000.000 €


Siedlisko agroturystyczne

            ...Głęboko, w samym sercu warmińsko-mazurskiej puszczy tętni swoim życiem przepiękna posiadłość, która swym urokiem kusi i przyciąga każdego, kto tylko zawita w tamtejsze strony… To inny świat, oaza ciszy, spokoju, piękna i wszechobecnej przyrody...


This beautiful property is situated in the very center of the Mazury forest – surrounded by lush green trees – it is secluded and quiet, the closest neighbors being at least 1-4 km’s away.

The entire property is 44 hectares of land, with 2 hectares of man-made lakes filled with fish, and 3 hectares of natural forest. A quiet river flows through the property, and drains into a crystal-clear lake – of which 350 meters of the shoreline belongs to the property.

Aside from the breathtaking green landscape, the property boasts restored and exceptionally maintained buildings, which consist of the following:
  • The bright and sunny main house 450m2 - built in 1903, is kept true to old Mazuren style. The house is completely renovated, and consists of a kitchen, dining room, living room, an apartment that has a separate entrance, and 5 guest bedrooms. The main house also has 3 full bathrooms.
  • The old stables have been fully restored and renovated into 4 independent, guest apartments. Each individual guest room is complete with a full bathroom, and access to a common living room with kitchen, and laundry room. This building also has a two-car garage.
  • The historic water mill, built in 1903, is in great technical condition and is the main attraction on the property. The mill is a great place to open an exclusive restaurant, meeting place, event and conference center, etc. The ground level floor of the mill could also be transformed into a pub, winery, or café. The fully functioning water mill produces up to 20 kilowatts of power.
  • There is also a barn on the property, which is home to horses that work in the fields, and pull sleighs for guests in the winter months. The barn has extra space where guests can keep their own horses during their stay.

In addition to the existing buildings on the property, there are plenty of natural valleys and hills - locations that may be perfect for building new homes, guest homes, barns, etc. Currently, another building on the property is undergoing reconstruction, with the purpose of expanding agro touristic activity. The building blueprint includes the development of a full attic, which will further increase the square footage of the home. The estate is currently very prosperous, and it should be noted, that there is also an opportunity to further develop the land, with buildings up to 1000m2. Obtainment of a building permit exists.

Above all, the property boasts:
  • Water source
  • Electric Energy
  • Central Heat
  • 2 Septic Tanks

A large roofed-area for grilling, a full outdoor volleyball court, and children’s playground are also included on the estate. The estate has a unique style and character, but still maintains the original historic buildings that give it a rustic feel. Nestled deep in the thick of the woods and surrounded by vibrant wildlife, this property is no doubt a place of relaxation, where your soul can be at peace.
A clear driveway allows easy access, and Olsztyn is just 30 km’s away.


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